Short Story!

For those of you who may not know, I feature a short story in my Facebook reading group on Mondays (#messymonday), Wednesdays (#wildnoutwednesday) and Fridays (#freakierfriday).


Here is Monday’s story. To read the rest, visit my group Twins Write 2. You can search by the story title. This week’s story is “Game On!”



“Game on!”


“Lillie! Lillie, damn wake up!” My husband Blair screamed.


“Why are you yelling?” I ask looking at the clock.


“Did you get my clothes from the cleaners?”


“Yes, they are in your closet where they always are.”


“No they are not. Damn, can you do anything right?”


I sigh before throwing the comforter back and getting up. Stumping over to his closet, I open the door and grab the bag.


“Here. Why are you up so early?”


“I have a meeting at the office.”


“It’s only 5:30.”


“And it’s only my business. Stop questioning me. When your ass get a job maybe you will understand waking up early.” He spat.


“Nigga, no you didn’t go there. I had a job, remember, you were the one who told me to quit.”


“That’s when I thought you would make a good housewife but we both know that isn’t the case.”


“Oh,” I laugh. “If I am such a lousy wife then by all means, find somebody better.”


“Don’t tempt me.”


“I’m not. You aren’t doing me any favors boo.”


This time he laughs. “Oh, so you think you can survive without me?”


“Look Blair, I don’t know what has gotten into you lately but you need to go on and leave me alone before you wish for something you’ll regret.”


“Like what? A lazy, fat, nappy headed wife. Baby, you would not survive without me?” He says raising his voice.


“Call me what you like but if you don’t like what you have, you can always upgrade. My feelings won’t be hurt, I can promise you. Hell, you are barely here and all I get from you is your weekly deposit in the bank. So, yes, I can survive without you.”


“We will see.” He says.


“What does that mean?”


“Just what I said. You must not remember me finding you in that little dingy ass café in Mississippi?”


“Oh, the same place that kept you fed while you were in school, most of the time free of charge. Ok Mr. High and Mighty.”


“I’m just saying. You had nothing when you met me.”


“Okay Blair.”


“And without me, you’ll have nothing.” He says grabbing his suit jacket.


“Do you see a look of fear on my face? You might just find that you’re the one not needed.”


“Don’t wait up.”


“Had no plans too.”


When he leaves, I get back in the bed and cover up. “Turn the light out on your way out and don’t wake the baby.”



–Three hours later–



“Look who is up and waiting on mommy?” I say to BJ who is cooing in his crib when I walk in. I pick him up and carry him over to the changing station. Taking off his pamper, I walk into the bathroom that is attached to his room and run some water in the sink. I was so glad we added the custom features to the house during the building phase. Having the bathroom in his room and the extra-large sink made getting him ready so much easier.


Blair and I were excited to start a family and having Blair Jr. three months ago solidified it for me. I don’t know what has gotten into Blair lately though because he’s been throwing shots like I cannot manage to live without him.


I hear my phone ding in the other room but I don’t bother with it until I am done with his bath.


After dressing the baby, I sit in the rocker and get him latched before I grab my phone.


Hazel: Hey, I just saw Blair. He’s looking at apartments downtown. Everything okay?

Me: Girl, pray for him.

Hazel: I’m serious Lil, what is going on?

Me: I don’t know and right now I am not about to try.

Hazel: I’ll be over tonight.

Me: Okay.


I put the phone down and look into BJ’s face. “If your dad thinks I will beg him, he obviously doesn’t know Lillian Ann Weaver.”


After laying BJ down, I grab the monitor and go downstairs to the gym. I spend about an hour working out before going back upstairs to shower. I peep in and BJ is still asleep.


I shower, get dressed and spend the rest of the day doing what I always do before grabbing the baby and heading out.


“Can I help you?”


“Yes, I need to check the balance on this account.” I say handing the clerk my bank card and id.


“One moment.” She taps on the keyboard before sliding me a slip with the balance.


I take it and when I see the balance, I smile.


“Is there anything else I can help you with?”


“No ma’am.” I say.


“Ma’am, you know you can check your balance online at our website.”


“Yes, I know. Have a great day.”


I stop by the trash and tear up the slip. Getting back to the car, I put the baby into his car seat before heading to see Hazel. When I walk in the back door of the restaurant, she is yelling like always.


“Ma’am, all that screaming can cause a stroke.” I say behind her.


“Lillie, girl, what are you doing here?” She asks pulling me into a hug. “I told you I was coming by tonight.”


“You still can but the baby and I were out and decided to stop by.”


“Come on to my office.”


We get to her office and I spread out a blanket on the couch to lay BJ.


“Lil, what is going on with you and Blair?”


“In all honesty, I don’t know. I think he’s cheating because he’s been making snide remarks lately about my weight, my hair and the way I keep the house.”


“Um, nothing is wrong with you.”


“I know but it is apparent that someone has him thinking otherwise.”


“Is that why he is looking at apartments?”


“Yea. He’s trying to prove that I need him.”


“So, I am guessing you never told him about the money your grandfather left you or about the fact you co-own this place?”


“Hell no. He doesn’t deserve to know.”


“What are you going to do?”


“I’m going to do what I’ve always done, take care of me and now, BJ.”


“Well, you know I am here for you.”


“Of course. Now, fix me something to eat.”






I pull down the street to see a truck in the driveway. I pull next to it and get out. I see the baby’s crib and changing table. “What thee–” I start walking towards the front door when I see some men coming out with boxes with Blair behind them.


“Blair, what is going on? What is all this?”


“This is me proving you can’t live without me.”


“Blair, you need to stop this foolishness.”


“It’s not foolishness sweetheart.”


“Yes it is, otherwise you wouldn’t be moving out.”


“I’m not, you are.” He says handing me some keys and an envelope.


I laugh.


“Here is the address and the keys to your apartment. This nice gentleman, here, will be helping you with all your things.”


“You do understand that once this game is started, there is no going back right?”


“I’m aware, I made the rules.”


“Well, game on sir.”


He closes the door and leaves me standing there.


I smile and turn to the gentleman standing there.


“Hey, I’m Lillian Weaver but you can call me Lillie.”


“Lillie, I’m Perry and I can follow you to the new address if you’d like.”


“That will be perfect. Thank you.”


I get to the apartment and it is really nice. There are 2 bedrooms, each with their own bath. It is much smaller than what I’ve become used too but just right for the baby and I.


Perry and his crew begin to bring in my things. Blair sent most of the baby’s furniture and all of our clothes but that’s it.


“Lillie, do you have more furniture coming?”


“No, why do you asks?”


“Well your husband only sent these things. There is no bedroom, living room or kitchen items.”


“That’s okay. I will get some on tomorrow.”


“Are you sure? What will you sleep on?”


“I will be fine Perry. I’ve been taking care of myself since I was fifteen.”


“I just feel bad about leaving you like this.”


“I will be fine but do you have a card? In case I need your services.”


“Sure and I will write my cell on the back. If you need help with anything, please call.”


“Will do.”






I was back at Hazel’s restaurant. I left BJ asleep in his pack and play in the office while I walked out front. Hazel was short staffed so she asked me to work the front until her evening hostess could come in.


When I get back out, I look up to see Blair and a young lady coming through the door.


“Table for 2?”


“Lillie, you’re slumming it already? That didn’t take long.” He laughs. “Yes, table for 2.”


I grab menus and walk them to their table. Once they are seated, the girl with him looks me up and down.


“Can I get a glass of Merlot, chilled to room temperature?” She asks. “And make sure my glass isn’t dirty.”


Blair smiles as I turn to walk off.


When I walk to the bar, Hazel is standing there with her arms folded.


“That motherfucker got some nerves. What he is thinking?”


“He thinks he’s winning.”


“Lil, please let me burst his bubble.”


“In due time grasshopper. In due time. Right now, let him play the game.”


“Give me a glass of Merlot.” I tell the bartender. “And make sure the glass is clean.”


When he hands it to me, I slide on the bar stool and take a sip. “Game on Mr. Weaver, game on.”






Book News!

Hey Bookies,

This weekend, I will be in the city of Atlanta at the Books and Brunch event being hosted by Tamara Grant and Stacey Covington-Lee.

If you’ve already purchased tickets, I look forward to meeting you! If you haven’t, there is still time to do so Here!

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Just a few updates …

Hey guys!


I know I haven’t updated this site in a while but I’m here!! What’s up? LOL.


No, I’m kidding. However, I did want to stop through and let you know a few things.


  1. I’ve started a reading group on Facebook. It’s called Twins Write 2. It’s a group where I share short stories, giveaways and it’s open for you, as members, to join in. If you are not a part of it, JOIN US! Click HERE. You’ll love it.
  2. The Family that Lies has now reached 100+ reviews on Amazon! Can you believe it? Me either but I am so excited. YOU GUYS ROCK! If you haven’t had a chance to download the book, it is still on sale for $0.99. Click HERE to get your copy.
  3. Hmm, what else. I am working on releasing a new book as well as some short story episodes. Be on the lookout for the upcoming pre-order link (as soon as I can get the book to the editor.)
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  5. Did I say that you guys rock? Well, you do. Thank you for supporting LAKISHA, the author. It means more than words can say.


Love you guys and happy reading!

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I made it – Top 30 Devotional Blogs 

Listen … I made a post on Facebook a few days ago that said, God still has time to blow your mind in 2016.

Well, let me testify. On yesterday I was checking my email and there was an email with the subject “Kisha’s Daily Devotional Blog in Feedspot Top 30 Devotional Blogs.” I clicked on it and I was indeed among the list as being one of the top 30 devotional blogs on the internet. Wow!! 

My blog, has been selected as one of the top 30 Devotional Blogs on the Internet!

Y’all! #nowords I told you God still has time to blow your mind in 2016! WOW!! Check it out. I got a cool badge and everything. And I must say, I am among some awesome blogs! You’ve got to check it out for yourself. Visit them at and see the list. It’s going to blow your mind as well. 

I’m sharing this because somebody is doubting that God can do it. If you need another testimony, I got a text from my best friend, on last night, who said she got a call yesterday for another job that starts on 1/16/17.   

Baby, you can’t tell me what God can’t do. All you have to do is believe.

Thank you God and thank each of you who follow my devotionals. Please don’t stop. Share it with somebody and check out feedspot and show them some love.

God is amazing and He still has time to blow your mind. Do you believe?