Daily Devotional – 5/9/18 “Praising God for it!”

Somebody is about to have a “Nobody but God,” testimony. I don’t know who you are, what you are about to receive, neither has it been released the miracle that is about to hit your life but I am praising God for it. Yes, before it even shows up, I am praising God for it. For what? For the healing about to take place. For the womb about to open. For the promotion about to be announced. For the house you are about to close on. For the debt you are about to pay off. For the marriage you are about to enter into. For the place of worship you are about to pastor. For the ministry assignment you are about to embark on. For the book you are about to release. For the increase in your pay. For the back pay you are about to receive for those months of doing the job. For the royalties you haven’t received but were due. For the organ transplant you are about to receive. For the tuition about to be paid. For the car you are about to get off the showroom floor. For your mind that is about to be restored. For the depression and sunken place you are about to be snatched from. For the pit that will no longer be able to hold you. For the big screen that will display your name. For the invitations that are about to bombard your calendar. For your heart that will be made new. For the sacrifice about to pay off. Simply for the manifestation of God’s miracle that is about to enlarge your territory.

Beloved, get ready. Whomever you are, get ready because I am praising on your behalf before it even shows up. Get ready ma’am. Get ready sir. Favor has just been released on your behalf. And this is why I am praising God, on your behalf, before it even comes. It’s a part of my faith and I just believe, when God sees my faith for you, even those of you I don’t personally know, He’ll declare “Your sins are forgiven,” and then He’ll bless. I just believe, when God sees my faith, on your behalf, He’ll speak into existence that which you’ve been praying for. This isn’t about me but it is for those of you who have been paralyzed with fear, for far too long. It’s for those of who you can’t get to Jesus on your own. So, here I am like the friends in Mark and Matthew, cutting a hole in the roof to get you to Jesus; by any means necessary because I need you to survive. I need you to get up and walk. I need you to be blessed. I need you to tap into destiny. I need you to walk in your purpose. I need you to get up, beloved. This is why I am praising for you. I have no choice because you’ve got to live!

Published by Pastor LaKisha

Lakisha Johnson, native Memphian and author of over fifteen titles was born to write. She’ll tell you that “It isn't just writing, it's ministry." Along with being an author, she is an ordained minister, co-pastor, wife, mother and the product of a large family. She is an avid blogger at kishasdailydevotional.com and social media poster where she utilizes her gifts to encourage others to tap into their God given talents. She won’t claim to be the best at what she does nor does she have all the answers, she is simply grateful to be used by God.

2 thoughts on “Daily Devotional – 5/9/18 “Praising God for it!”

  1. I am overjoyed that the holy Spirit allowed you to see in the spirit the multitude of blessing God is going to release through all the long-suffering through all the rejection through all of the lonely nights even when I fell I thank God for his Grace he is an awesome God and you my sister are a blessing through your insiratinal writtings and prayers keep doing what you do it is a wonderful gift he has given you peace and blessings and a heart felt praise Ye the Lord and may your cup continue to overflow 🙏

    1. YES!!God is good!! I receive all the Lord has for Me and Mine.Thank you Pastor Kisha for going the extra mile from your Books to Ministry to your Blog’s God Bless and keep You and yours.Amen.

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