You’re invited … GWBG’s 2nd Anniversary

I know you’re asking what is GWBG. Well it stands for Girls Will Be Girls. GWBG is a ministry that I am apart of and this year we are celebrating TWO years of exhorting and exalting God for who He is and you do NOT want to miss the celebration.

This year there’s going to be a gathering of women sharing their stories of victory in the midst of tears. Chile, this is going to be mind-blowing, empowering and inspiring; all at the same time! You don’t have to believe me because all you have to do is look at the flyer and you’ll see. This is about to be an outpouring like none other!!! And tickets are NOW available!!

Can I get 5 of you to come with me? Can I get 5 of you to sponsor somebody, if you can’t? If yes, purchase tickets HERE

Can I get 5 somebodies to donate items for the gift bags? If yes, email me at


Be blessed!



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