Daily Devotional – 7/10/18 “How accurate is your reaction?”

We see the news stories, we read the social media post and we even hear about what happened to someone we know and reaction is usually what you would have said or done. But how accurate is your reaction? I mean, how do you know what you would do in a situation, you’ve never beenContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 7/10/18 “How accurate is your reaction?””

Daily Devotional – 5/21/12 “Church folk aren’t always Christian!”

On yesterday one of our Associate Ministers preached on the difference between church folk and Christians. Of course this was an interesting topic for me, you know with the devotional and all but the more I thought about it, it was true. There is a difference in church folk and Christian folk. Yea, I knowContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 5/21/12 “Church folk aren’t always Christian!””

Daily Devotional – 4/30/12 “What are you addicted too?”

I know that someone is dealing with an addiction on today, whether it is an addiction to drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, cursing, cigarettes, that other man’s wife or that other woman’s husband but I stopped by to tell you, GIVE IT TO GOD! Yea, you’ve been praying for God to take the taste for theContinue reading “Daily Devotional – 4/30/12 “What are you addicted too?””