Sneak Peek – Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession

#WCW – Are you crushing on Cam yet? You will …

Sneak peek inside of Ms. Nice Nasty: Cam’s Confession


She again starts with massaging my head.

“That oil smells great that you’re using.”

“Thank you. It’s from one of our business partners, Bubble Bistro.”

“Oh ok, I’m familiar with her products.”

“Yea, it’s all we use here.” She moves down to my breasts and I jump a little. “I’m sorry, am I making
you uncomfortable?”

“Girl, nawl.” But I’m getting hot! “It’s just been a minute since I’ve been touched by a woman.”

“Oh,” she says as she continues massaging my breasts and it feels great.

I close my eyes to try to focus on something else but all I can think about is how her mouth will feel on my candy box.

I let out a soft moan as she moves down to my stomach but she never stops. Hopefully she won’t see the juices that are forming between my legs from her touch.

She moves down to the bottom of the table and starts massaging my feet. She then moves up to my ankles and then my calves, pushing the sheet up. Out of habit, I spread my legs a little when she runs her hands up to my thighs.

“Whew!” I say a little louder than I plan.

“Are you all right?”

“Yea, don’t stop,” I reply, breathing a little a heavier.

She continues massaging my thighs and her hands brush across my girl. I have to bite my bottom lip to keep from moaning more.

She smiles while spreading my legs a little further and I don’t resist. She looks at my girl as if she’s taking inspection. Yes, she’s freshly shaven. She rubs her hand over my clit again and my hand meets hers. I begin to use her hand to rub me.

I bring her hand up to my mouth and suck her fingers in. “Hmm,”

“How do you taste?”

“Why don’t you taste for yourself?”

Completely removing the sheet, she pulls me down to the edge of the table. It feels like she’s about to give me a pap smear. She bends down and begins licking the juices from the side of my legs until she moves to the center and sucks my clit into her mouth.

I grab her head with both of my hands and begin gyrating on her tongue. I motion for her to come to me but she resists.

“No, this is all about you today,” she says as she goes back to licking and biting on my clit.

She applies pressure to my clit with her thumb with one hand while entering two of her fingers with the other, never taking her eyes off of me.

“Oh God!” I cry out but she never stops as I begin to squirt all over her.

She kisses my thighs and continues fingering me until the next orgasm makes my legs go weak.

“Damn girl!” I say to her. “I’m usually the one giving out pleasure like this but you … shit!”
She smiles as she goes over to get a hot towel.

“I’m glad I was able to please.”

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