Blog Tour … “Lustful Sins” by Sonovia Alexander

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When Keya man is locked down from proving his love for her and doing the unthinkable, she turns to the streets and fall for a man she thinks is her prince charming. Giving her the attention that she needs and showering her with the best, Keya falls head over heels for her guy. The flip side to the one she thinks she loves turns her world upside down when she finds out who he really is. It is not safe for her or anyone else she holds dear to her.



1.)Who are some of your inspiration in the literary world

Sister Souljah and Eric Jerome Dickey.


2.)What age did you begin writing?

I started writing at the early age of 7.


3.)Where do you enjoy writing the most, and what do you have to have while you are writing?

I like writing in my living room at my computer enjoying a nice cup of coffee and listening to soft music.


4.) How would you describe your writing style?

I try to be detailed oriented. I have a unique style and create a vision for the readers where they could actually find something in themselves to relate to what the character is trying to say.



5.) Which of all of your books is your favorite, and describe your favorite character from the book?

My favorite book is my silent cries series and my favorite character is Man. He was very family oriented and wanted his family to have a good life and he did everything he had to in order to protect his family even if it resulted in some unloyal family members dying.




1535561_10200951940033067_1316321456_nSonovia Alexander has become a national best selling author with 10 books out under the company true glory publications. She is not only an author but a mother of 4 children and married and still holding down a full time job in the medical field. Sonovia is 32 years old and releases 3 books a month while still trying to maintain her busy life. Sonovia has a determination to become one of the greatest writers and is looking to become more than just an author, but hopefully to write and direct her first film. Look out for this new author that will work her way into history.














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