Daily Devotional – 9/5/11 “Hold on!”

You study your bible but it seems like you can’t hear God’s voice. You go to church every Sunday but it seems like the more right you do the more wrong shows up. You go to bible study & prayer meeting, but it seems like your prayers are not being heard. You’re doing the best you can but at every turn your crying is outweighing your laughing, heartache is overshadowing your happiness, pity is replacing your praising & strife is taking over where shouting once reigned.

You’re trying to reach for Heaven but Hell is on your back! So what do you? Do you leave God’s word because the world seems better? Do you back slide because the temptations you’re facing are too hard to ignore?

I’m here to tell you to hold on! Even though your rope may be breaking, find strength to reach beyond that break! Put your feet on the side of the cliff that you’re hanging over and push yourself up. Even though you maybe tired and sweat is dripping from your brow, hold on! But, If you’re at a point where you can’t hold on, let go with the faith that you’ll land safely where God has prepared for you. If your job is stressing you out, move! If your bills outweigh your money, downsize! If your kids aren’t acting right, parent them! If folk are talking about you, so what! They talked about Jesus but he still endured & died in order for us to be free. If there’s anything that holds you down, release it! If you’re in an abusive relationship, get out!

Don’t think that God will maintain the mess you’re in. It’s time now for you to get YOU right. Can’t nobody do you like Jesus but can’t nobody answer to Jesus for you but you. God does hear & answer prayers but he has to also know your voice. Talk to him consistently! Believe in what you’re asking for and know that it’s already done.

2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people who are called by MY name should humble themselves, pray & seek my face and turn from their wicked ways; then I will hear from Heaven, will forgive their sins and heal their lands.

Published by Pastor LaKisha

Lakisha Johnson, native Memphian and author of over fifteen titles was born to write. She’ll tell you that “It isn't just writing, it's ministry." Along with being an author, she is an ordained minister, co-pastor, wife, mother and the product of a large family. She is an avid blogger at kishasdailydevotional.com and social media poster where she utilizes her gifts to encourage others to tap into their God given talents. She won’t claim to be the best at what she does nor does she have all the answers, she is simply grateful to be used by God.

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