Covet by Lakisha Johnson

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I must say, Covet had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t put it down. Thisnisnthe story of Darius and Karis, a happily married couple who end up going through a lot of drama in their lives that causes heartbreak, confusion, and a whokenlot of drama. Once you begin you will NOT want to out it down. I certainly hope Lakisha Johnson has a part 2, I need to know that Karis is really alright. Lakisha Johnson, you are quickly becoming my new favorite author. 👏

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2 thoughts on “Covet by Lakisha Johnson

  1. The book was very good but I don’t understand why the husband and wife were holy people fasting and praying speaking in tongues and cursing and in the end the wife helped Tiffany commit suicide come on now that’s not being saved that’s living a hypocritical life. My God don’t work like that!

    1. Ms. Cherry, have you ever found yourself doing things outside the will of God? Have you ever made mistakes, on your Christian journey? This book, although fiction, isn’t being hypocritical but it shows the reality of life because even the holiest person will have moments of weakness. And cussing, doesn’t send people to hell, sin and cursing (wishing evil, not foul language) has the potential too. As for the part at the end, with Karis, she found herself in a scary and stressful situation and in that moment, who knows what she was thinking.

      Thank you for reading the book, for supporting and for the chance to dialogue.

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