Daily Devotional – 11/2/16 “Before you condemn!”

You do realize that people are entitled to their opinions and beliefs, right? Then why is it that when you REALLY become saved you try to bash folk over the head with the beliefs you just started taking serious. Take Halloween for an example. You are all upset because the pastor took his/her kids trick or treating, dressed in a costume but what about all those times you play and dress up as Holy? I mean, you’re mad because the “church” gave out candy but were you complaining when it got back to the house and you stayed up eating it? You rarely attend church yet you want to tell folk how God will feel with what they’re doing. What about you? You claim to be concerned with folk playing with the enemy but what about those days you play with your devotion. 

No, I don’t get all dressed up in costumes but I don’t knock those who do. And just because you dress up, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re accepting the holiday. It could just mean you’re living. With my nephew, he enjoys Halloween and if he asks me to buy him a costume, I do. But I also take him to church, teach him about God and tell him the difference between right and wrong. So before you turn your nose up and put your mouth on folk, work on yourself. Before you try to get me to buy in to your beliefs, learn what they really are. And while you’re doing that, why don’t you take a step back and reflect on the times you tricked or treated. Look, you don’t have the right to condemn but you do have the right to teach, love and admonish in righteousness. Get out your feelings because we have a responsibility to help nature kingdom workers not prune them, that belongs to God.

Published by Pastor LaKisha

Lakisha Johnson, native Memphian and author of over fifteen titles was born to write. She’ll tell you that “It isn't just writing, it's ministry." Along with being an author, she is an ordained minister, co-pastor, wife, mother and the product of a large family. She is an avid blogger at kishasdailydevotional.com and social media poster where she utilizes her gifts to encourage others to tap into their God given talents. She won’t claim to be the best at what she does nor does she have all the answers, she is simply grateful to be used by God.

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