Ms. Nice Nasty – Excerpt (Rated R)

My new book, Ms. Nice Nasty, was released on Tuesday, April 7! For those of you who have already downloaded or ordered your copy, thank you!! Your support means so much to me. I wanted to share an excerpt from the book, for those of you, who’ve yet to place your order … (LOL)





Music playing
“Oh, come on and rock me, ooh, girl
Oh, come on and rock me, ooh, girl
Hey, girl, long time no see
Do you have a little time to spend with me?
I wanna know what’s been going on
In your life, huh, talk to me, baby”

“Terrance,” I call out when I don’t see him in the living room.
“Hey, I didn’t hear you come in.”
“I know because you got your Freddie Jackson bumping. What do you know about that?”
“I know enough,” He says, singing in my ear, “Ooh, girl, I’m gonna love you real good. Come on let me do it now, you know I could. I really miss the way you squeeze and moan and call out my name, woo, you can call me, baby.”
“Is that so? Why don’t you show me then,” I say, pushing him away as I pull my shirt over my head, throwing it on the floor. He continues to sing down the hall to the bedroom and I follow as if I am headed towards the adventure of my life. I unfasten my bra and throw it on the floor as I watch him watching me. I step out of my heels as I slowly unbutton my jeans, working them off along with my panties.
“Damn, you are so sexy.”
“Am I?”
“You know you are. Now come here and let me taste you. You know I’ve been missing your sweetness.”
“Since you ask so nicely,” I answer, slowly walking over to the bed. He pulls me into him and kisses me so hard I can hardly catch my breath. “Damn boy!”
He didn’t say anything as he pushes me down on the bed. “Close your eyes and don’t say one word.”
“Now—” I start to say before he grabs my mouth.
“Not one word, Camille!” He barks.
Okay, I like this!
I feel him tie something around my wrist and then my ankle. I want to open my eyes so bad, but the suspense of what he is doing is turning me on big time! He walks around the bed and does the same thing to my other wrist and ankle, all without saying anything. Did he leave?
“Oooh,” I moan as I feel something cold on my candy lady.
“Don’t you dare open your eyes,” he says, when he sees me raise my head.
“Shit!” I scream when he blows on my clit. He sends my mind racing before burying his head into my candy land. I go to grab his head, forgetting my hands are tied to the bed and he smiles. I am at his mercy and I love every second of it. “I’m cummmin…” I sing out as the orgasm rocks my core. I open my eyes to see who in the hell this man is because it couldn’t possibly be the Terrance I knew. He has never given me an orgasm like this before.
“Untie me,” I say, needing to return the favor. “Terrance, untie me.”
“You’re in my house, my rules!” he says as he eases his way up my body, reaching to get a condom from the nightstand.
“Baby, please! I need my hands on you.”
“What did I say?” he asks as he inserts two fingers into me, quickly finding the spot to shut me up. “I can’t hear you,” he says, going deeper, causing me to squirt all over his hand as I scream out in ecstasy.
My wrists were tied with enough slack for him to pull me closer as he sits up on his knees to put the condom on. With my knees bent, he pushes my legs further down as he admires the work of art I possess.
“Do you even know how good this pussy is?” He asks, rubbing her slowly as he inserts and removes his finger, before placing it in his mouth. I was so hot that I needed to feel him on the inside of me and he knew it. I was squirming for his touch as he continues to play with the sweet juices seeping from her.
He grabs his rock hard cock and rubs it up against me as I was grinding into him, silently begging him to let me feel it.
“Is this what you want?” He teases, placing the head at the entrance of her lips. Slowly rising up, he pushes a little of himself in as I fight to get my arms loose. “Stop fighting.” He laughs as he pushes in a little more.
“Mmm,” I moan.
“You want more?” He asks, while placing his hands on the bed on each side of my head, before pushing every inch into me. I close my eyes as I moan my appreciation. “Open your eyes Camille,” he demands, as he strokes life into the inside of me.
“Oh,” was the only sound I can make as my girl tightens around him. He grabs the sheet on the bed as he pounds into me, hitting the spot that any man rarely reaches. His pace increases as I feel another orgasm at its peak.
“Don’t stop, oh God, Terrance; don’t stop!” I scream as he sits up, placing his thumb over my clit. “Shit … shit!”
When he finally releases, he collapses on top of me.
“Damn, I should stay away from you more often.” I laugh.
“What?” he asks as he unties me.
“You know what. Either you’ve taken some classes or you’ve been holding back on me.”
“I can’t show you everything every time. I got to keep you coming back,” he says, pulling me close to him.


I blink a couple of times to make out the clock on the side of the bed. 3:30 a.m. “Shit!” I say, jumping out of Terrance’s bed trying to find my clothes. How in the hell did I fall asleep. I never fall sleep in another man’s bed.
I didn’t even say goodbye to Terrance as I quickly get dressed and ran to my car. The last thing I need is to hear Thomas’ mouth.


I hope you enjoyed the excerpt! Now go and download the book! Once you’re done reading and enjoying it, please leave a review!!

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