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Doses of Devotion

Doses of Devotion –“Although your problems come with pain, the pain is proving that you’re not perfect but yet a person who God has picked to be placed at this point and through prayer you’ll be prescribed a promise of praise that allows you to be purified and through this purification process you’ll prosper and through your prosperity you’ll get power and with this power you’ll get God’s protection that allows you to prevail and once you prevail, you’ll have the patience to pursue your purpose.”

I didn’t write this book to tell you that each day will be easy because then I’d be selling you a dream however, I simply stopped to give you some encouragement.

Yes, this journey is hard but if everything was easy would you appreciate your struggle in overcoming? I don’t have all the answers but I can promise you a Master who has never lost a case. I get it, you may be in your struggle; right now but it’s only making you stronger, strengthening the weak places need to make your transition to greater.

— Don’t shortchange your struggle because without it, you wouldn’t be as strong as you are!

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You Only Live Once begins and ends in prayer and is filled with prayers, devotionals and helpful information to help your youth on their spiritual journey. This devotional was written to let them know that prayer alone doesn’t work but with prayer, fasting, faith and work they can get through their struggle. For the bible says; Faith without works is dead (James 2:17). I pray this book reaches those that need a little or even a lot of encouragement for the times you’ve seemed to fallen and don’t know how to get back up! I pray that this book gives them restored hope and understanding and courage to pray even the more. I even pray that this book creates in them a devotion to spend more time in devotion to God. It won’t be easy but it will be worth it!

No, it isn’t your average devotional but it is God’s word and it is geared towards youth, teens and young adults however it is not sugarcoated teaching because the world isn’t sugarcoating it’s teaching. This devotional is written to help them on their journey because this spiritual walk isn’t a joke and it’s hard, daily. The enemy isn’t playing and his attacks are getting harder day-to-day. My prayer is that the find what they need inside.

    2 ways to order:

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