Best In Black Awards


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I have the privilege of being nominated in 2 categories of #TheBestinBlackAwards

— Category  5 – Best Author Lakisha Johnson


—  Category 43 – Best Blogger Kisha’s Daily Devotionals

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Vote for Dear God as Reader’s Choice

You still have time to vote my book, Dear God: Hear My Prayer for the TCK Publishing’s, Reader’s Choice Award.
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2015 AAMBC Literary Awards

Exciting news from the desk of Tamika Newhouse and AAMBC …

The 7th annual AAMBC Awards will take place in Atlanta, GA this summer. Yes, you read this right! This year, there will be an actual award show honoring Hip Hop Fiction writer K’wan Iamlegend among many others. This show is expected to be epic, one for the books, one that you won’t forget as it will feature musical and performance acts as well as appearances from your favorite celebs and authors. Aren’t you getting excited??

The AAMBC Awards will be held June 13, 2015 in Atlanta, GA. And you can now nominate your favorite authors! There are different categories to nominate in. Click HERE and then ask everyone you know to nominate their favorite author.



Vote for me!

Before I was an author of a fiction book, I was a self-published author of a devotional book entitled Doses of Devotion. Now, my book has been nominated for a DIVA Award for best inspirational book by Book Divas. This book was some devotionals that I wrote for my blog Kisha’s Daily Devotional that manifested itself into a book and it is available on Amazon for $0.99.

Doses of Devotion isn’t a book that tries to tell you that everything in your life will be right all the time but it’s a book of encouragement to let you know that sometimes there will be some bad days, some crying, some pacing the floor and some I want to give up moments but then there is someone who can see you through all of it. Simply put “An encouraging word for you my brother, my sister; to uplift your spirits for the times when giving up and giving in seems easier than fighting. No ma’am, no sir; I will not tell you that your life will always be easy because it won’t. I will not tell you that every day will be a day of sunshine, birds singing and moments to smell the roses because then I’d be lying. However, I will tell you that no matter what you face; God is an able God to see you through it. This is simply my thoughts that I’ve shared to give you a little encouragement when it seems like you’re drowning in depression, suicidal over your situation and hopeless by the hurt. Just a little encouragement to let you know that you don’t have to throw in the towel but wave it to let God know that you’re ready, now, for Him to take over.”

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