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ChasedMagnolia is a 32 year old female who was recently asked to lead the congregants of a growing church in Memphis, TN. She thought she’d be happy but as soon as the words, “We want you to lead…” left the mouth of Senior Pastor, Lucas Carrington, fear set in.

It isn’t fear of the position because Magnolia has been under the leadership of Pastor Carrington for five years. It isn’t even fear of being the church’s first woman pastor. Her fear is the secret she’s carrying. Her secret … Magnolia is being chased.

Chased – pursued in order to catch.

Magnolia is being chased by the demons of her past and it is the one thing she can’t get away from. No matter how much she prays and fast or the many times she lays on the altar, she cannot outrun it.

But she’s tired.

Tired of running but afraid of being caught. Will Magnolia finally surrender to stop the chase or will her fear be too hard to face?

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The Marriage Bed_1000Lynn and Jerome Watson have been together since meeting in the halls of Booker T. Washington High School, in 1993. Twenty-five years, a house, business and three children later they are on the heels of their 18th wedding anniversary and Lynn’s 40th birthday.

Her only request … a night of fun, at home, with her husband and maybe a few toys.

Lynn thinks their marriage bed is suffering and wants to spice it up. Jerome, on the other hand, thinks Lynn is overreacting. His thoughts, if it ain’t broke, don’t break it trying to fix it.

Then something happens that shakes up the Watson household and secrets are revealed but the biggest secret, Jerome has and his lips are sealed.

Bible says in Hebrews 13:4, “Let marriage be held in honor among all, and let the marriage bed be undefiled, for God will judge the sexually immoral and adulterous.” But what happens when life starts throwing daggers, lies, turns and twists?

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Bible Chicks front cover 2Have you ever wondered what women in the bible would be like today? How they would act, think, talk and dress? Well, Bible Chicks is a collection of short stories depicting the lives of some courageous and bold biblical women who were among the few women mentioned in the sacred text.

Their stories are written from today’s perspective while remaining grounded in their biblical heritage.

It is our hope, by ‘updating’ their stories, you will get a better understanding of each of the women chosen.

Book one, written by Khara Campbell, features: Woman with the issue of blood, Rehab, Leah and Tamar

Book two, written by Lakisha Johnson, features: Gomer, Hannah and Jezebel.

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Lakisha Kindle All Rylee wants is her husband’s attention.

She used to be the apple of Todd’s eye but no matter what she did, lately, he was just too busy to notice her.

She could not help but wonder why.

Then one day, an unexpected email, subject line: Forgotten Wife and little did she know, it was about to play a major part in her life.

They say first comes love then comes … a kidnapping, attacks, lies and affairs.

Someone is out for blood but who, what, when and why?

Secrets are revealed and Rylee fears for her life, when all she ever wanted was not to be The Forgotten Wife.

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ebookThe bible tells you how to fight the enemy but what do you do when it feels like it is God you’re up against?

Charlotte’s nightmare began at 2:32AM, the morning she experienced the most unimaginable pain ever, the loss of a child.

Now, she finds herself angry at God. She trusted Him and He took her only child. She prayed to Him and it seems as if He has turned His back on her. And if things could not get worse, hell keeps showing up at her door.

What can she do, when she continually cries in the darkness but gets no answer? Where can she turn when it feels like her back is against the wall and there is no way out? Who can she depend on if God let her down?

Questions Charlotte ponder when the memories snatch her from her sleep at 2:32AM. Questions that make her angry because to her, God has forsaken them.

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The Pastor's Admin**DISCLAIMER** This is Christian FICTION which includes some sex scenes and language. ***

Daphne ‘Dee’ Gary used to love being an admin … until Joseph Thornton.

She has been his administrative assistant for ten years and each year, she has to decide whether it will be his secrets or her sanity.

And the choice is beginning to take a toil.

Joseph is the founder and pastor of Assembly of God Christian Center and he is, hell, there are so many words Daphne can use to describe him but none are good. He does things without thinking of the consequence because he knows Dee will be there to bail him out. Truth is, she has too because … it’s her job, right?

A job she has been questioning lately.

Daphne knows life can be hard and flesh will sometimes win but when she has to choose between HIS SECRETS or HER SANITY, this time, will she remain The Pastor’s Admin?

Get it HERE for $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

img_0711-2Since the age of 14, Jayme’s life has been hell and she has one person to thank for it, Pastor James Madison.

He stood in the pulpit on Sundays waving the same hands that abused her at night. He glorified God with the same mouth he used to chip away her self-esteem, daily. He was a man of God who had turned her away from the same God he told people they needed to serve.

He was the man who was supposed to pray for, take care of and eventually love her. Instead he preyed on, took advantage of and shattered her heart before it had a chance to truly love someone else.

Now, 14 years and a son later, she finds herself needing God yet she doesn’t know how to reach Him. She longs for God but isn’t sure He can hear a sinner’s prayer until she starts to say, Dear God.

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Born only months apart, Merci and Grayce Alexander were as close as sisters could get. With a father who thought the world of them, life was good. Until one day everything changed.

While Grayce got love and attention, Merci got all the hell, forcing her to leave home. She never looks back, putting the past behind her until … her sister shows up over a decade later begging for help, bringing all of the forgotten past with her. Merci wasn’t the least bit prepared for what was about to happen next.

Merci realizes, she’s been a part of something much bigger than she’d ever imagined. Yea, every family has their secrets, hidden truths and ties but Merci had no idea she’d been born into the family that lies.

Order your copy now from Amazon for $0.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.



ASWK Cover

 Shelby is a career woman turned housewife who enjoys the friendships that have been built with her 5 best friends; Camille, Lynesha, Raylin, Kerri and Chloe. They are all career women with different businesses or careers, husbands and even children but something is missing, something they can’t find at home, in a store or even in a book. So, they search for this missing piece in the beds, arms, cars, offices and even in storage rooms of other men who don’t mind paying for what Dem Dam Divas can offer.

They enjoy the thrill of sneaking, creeping and even vacationing on someone else’s dime but what happens when it all becomes too much? From being found guilty with no evidence, secretly wanting someone who doesn’t want you, loving only to not be loved back, caught up in a dream that you’re about to be awaken from; will it be worth it in the end? Will their secret lives be revealed and will it become too much to handle? Will they regret their actions or stand by them? Will they finally question whether this secret is really worth keeping?

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 ** Special edition **

What more could there possibly be? What else exactly can these six friends get into? They’ve vowed to keep their secrets until the end? But here comes more secrets, more lies; geesh will they ever come clean? In this deleted scene of the #1 Best-selling novel, A Secret Worth Keeping, the darkest secrets of them all are finally revealed. In this 5,000 additional words, it is complete with sex, lies, and secrets. Plus get a preview of Part 2 with raw, unedited, and edge of the seat drama.

Download here for free.



These divas are back and the drama is unfolding. Shelby is in the midst of some major mess with her husband, Chloe is pregnant and confused, Kerri seems to be mending fences with her husband, Lyn doesn’t know what she wants, Ray wants happiness with Anthony but his wife has other plans and Cam–God only knows what she has in store.

Will their marriages survive or will they even care? Will they place their secrets in a box to never open again or are the secrets worth all the hell that they might produce? Is it a lesson learned, lights out and game over, or are these secrets just worthy enough to be kept? Find out in a Secret Worth Keeping 2!

Get your copy here for $2.99



Camille Holden-Shannon has always been who she says she is, a woman who can command a courtroom and bedroom without opening her mouth! She’s sexy, confident and not afraid; her credentials speak for themselves. She loves her family and her career but she cannot deny the fact that she loves sex and lots of it. She doesn’t break up homes; she simply gets what she needs and she’s gone!

Her career suddenly takes a turn in the right direction and she is thrown into the public’s eye and all hell breaks loose! A secret adds more fuel to the fire already burning inside her chaotic home and to make matters worse she finds herself being tormented by a ghost from her past! Can she hold it all together or will she break under the pressure? Will Ms. Nice Nasty hang up her stilettos or can she come out on top like she’s known to do.

Get your copy here for $1.99 or Free on Kindle Unlimited.



**This is NOT a full novel, however it is a special edition to the Ms. Nice Nasty series. **

For months, Camille has spent hours in the office of Dr. Melody Scott, her therapist. And session after session, Camille leaves still hell bent on not changing.

Until this session.

Camille finds herself admitting to the ultimate betrayal, from her past that turned her into the cold heart woman she is. During this session, she is force to face the cold reality of what she’s been hiding.
For Camille, she thought getting revenge would satisfy the fire burning in her soul but it only added fuel and now it’s burning out of control.

What will she do? Find out in this special edition of Ms. Nice Nasty. Also, get a sneak peek into Ms. Nice Nasty 2 with a look into the first two unedited chapters.

Download your copy here for $0.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.



Have you ever been served a cold dish of Karma? Ever stood face to face with her and survived the hell storm she unleashes? Well, whoever said karma is a bitch, was definitely right because she has shown up to be paid and Camille Shannon is the one holding the bag.

If matters couldn’t get worse, Camille has to deal with her husband’s pregnant side chick while trying to celebrate getting the career she’s always wanted. But it comes with the media digging into her life and she is finding it hard to keep all her skeletons hidden.

When will enough be enough? Will it be after the threat to lose everything, an accident that hits too close to home or the unexpected death of a loved one? Or maybe it’ll be too late?

Camille thought she was bad enough to play the cards she’d created but can she withstand playing with karma at the table?

Find out in the series finale of Ms. Nice Nasty!

Order your copy now from Amazon for $1.99 or FREE with Kindle Unlimited.



4 thoughts on ““Fiction Novels”

  1. A Secret Worth Keeping is a very appealing book. The title draws you in and makes you want to read on and on. I can’t wait to dive in and see what these friends are up to and how often I will be Smh. Something I like to do while reading.

  2. What’s next??!! I’ve read them all! I would love to read more. It’s a pleasure to support such a gifted writer from a neighboring state.

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